Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design

Looking after the environment is an increasing priority for both private and commercial clients. The numerous benefits of improving energy efficiency and using eco-friendly building materials mean that clients can really improve the feel and use of a space by considering the environmental impact at every stage.

Sustainable Building Materials

Building with sustainable materials is more than just using natural materials; considering the miles to site and carbon footprint of creating the materials can significantly decrease the cost of transporting them to site and contributes towards your company’s green agenda (if there is one in place).

When clients are looking to build using sustainable materials, we often recommend a Fabric First approach, which significantly lowers carbon emissions and ensures that the finished build is healthy and environmentally friendly.

Fabric First builds are:

  • Quick: materials are created more quickly and spend less time in storage
  • Accurate: the design and manufacture process is carefully monitored to reduce waste
  • Robust: materials are chosen for durability and strength
  • Innovative: materials in these buildings must meet green building requirements
  • Cost-effective: since there is less waste and often fewer materials used in the process as a whole, this cuts down on excessive spend
  • Flexible: there is an emphasis on space and design flexibility
  • Insulated: this ensures that the builds are more energy efficient
  • Reliable: materials need to last and not deteriorate to cause draughts that reduce energy efficiency
  • Sustainable: material production and usage needs to be sustainable
  • Trusted: all materials must be ETA approved and found in the EU and US

GreenSPEC PASS Buildings

GreenSPEC is another standard that assesses building materials and, subsequently, how green your build will be. Working with GreenSPEC suppliers means that you work to conserve natural resources, use them efficiently, reduce energy and water consumption, and only work with manufacturers who are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.