Creating Functional Spaces

Form must follow function in all good design. Whether we are creating a home or a commercial building, it’s essential that the space is balanced and usable.

Throughout the design and build process, our team work to ensure that every part of the space is created with the end purpose in mind. Proportions, materials, and furnishings all contribute to that purpose, creating a functional space that is suitable for all inhabitants.

Functional Materials

Some of the most aesthetically beautiful materials can be difficult to live with, either because they require maintenance or because they are particularly fragile. They are perfect for controlled environments where inhabitants don’t need to worry about children interacting with them or weather damage. However, in many instances materials need to be limited to ensure that they’re tactile, durable, and a pleasure to interact with rather than adding more work for a building’s users.

New technology has created materials that perform better, look better, and last longer. These materials can help the eco-credentials of your build, regulate temperature, and even remove the need for external cleaning.

We build plan interiors and exteriors using only materials that are suitable for the climate, purpose, and context. Textures, colours, and finishes on less suitable materials can occasionally be replicated, but the more suitable materials often look best in situ, especially when they mirror the surrounding area.

Purpose-Built Interiors

Lighting and how a space is furnished must reflect its function and support individual activities. Many modern homes have an open plan and multi-functional spaces which need a range of options to be usable.

Our interior designers work with you to create truly purpose-built interiors that suit your entire company or family. Do not follow preconceptions about what a space is meant to look like – instead, follow your own processes and preferences to build a bespoke space that’s entirely centred around what you need.