Eco Friendly Building Materials

Eco friendly building materials are increasingly popular on both domestic and commercial builds. The benefits of using these materials go far beyond just looking after the environment; you can significantly decrease energy bills and improve home comfort by using the right materials during the build.

Many modern and old buildings are created using materials that range from harmful to toxic – removing these sources of irritation can improve sleeping patterns, productivity, mood, and breathing difficulties. In the UK’s climate, using permeable materials such as wood also helps to reduce moisture build up and allows air to circulate better through the building to reduce the chances of damp and mould, which are a serious problem in the UK.

Helping the Environment

Ensuring that wildlife and ecosystems are protected from harmful farming, logging, and building practices is essential to maintaining our environment. Timber for eco friendly builds is sourced from sustainably managed forests, and other materials are sourced from companies that have a transparent, ethical supply chain. These simple steps ensure that the environmental impact of your building work is reduced both in the UK and abroad.

Reducing Energy Bills and Waste

The average building in the UK loses over a quarter of heat through the roof and almost a fifth through the windows. Another 20-40% is lost through the walls themselves. Eco friendly builds usually include increased (or more efficient) insulation as well as techniques to reduce draughts and heat loss – this has a large impact on the amount of energy it takes to heat your home and keep it at a stable temperature.

Building for Better Health

Since a lot of harmful substances are used in standard or older building processes, toxic and harmful substances accumulate in the building. In the worst cases, the space can actually be diagnosed with Sick Building Syndrome which causes headaches, nausea, tiredness, eye and throat irritation, and breathing difficulties. In commercial spaces, this has a significant impact on productivity and health, but in domestic spaces it has an even larger impact on sleeping patterns and overall wellbeing.

Building using eco friendly materials completely eliminates the source of potential irritants and toxins, ensuring a clean and comfortable space.