Space Saving Home Designs

London has some of the smallest homes in London, so it comes as no surprise that we need to design homes that do a lot with very little space. Small spaces don’t need to feel cramped or cluttered – our architectural and interior designers ensure that you can create a modern, beautiful home regardless of the size.

We use a range of techniques gained through years of experience to make the most of space through clever storage, multi-tiered apartments, and multi-functional/adaptive furniture that reduces the need for numerous units.

Tiny Home Architectural Designers

Tiny homes don’t mean that you need to compromise. With intelligent planning, you can fit a full-sized kitchen, comfortable stairs, a large bed, and plenty of storage into a small space that’s 50m squared or less.

Tiny homes are more ecologically friendly and inexpensive than their full-sized counterparts, but have far less ‘dead’ space that isn’t used or simply contains clutter. If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint even further, let us know, and we can design a tiny home from eco-friendly materials or find options to integrate reusing and recycling into the overall design.

Your tiny home can be designed in an existing apartment, as a movable design, or even as a stand-alone building on a plot of land. Let us know your situation and challenges, and we will create a space-saving design that lets you make the most of your space.

Small Apartment Design & Build

Once the plans for your space saving home have been created, we can take them to the next step. Pinnacle’s experienced interior design team will work with you to find the perfect options that let you maintain your lifestyle in a smaller space. Get in touch now and find out how to make your small home work for you.