Our Ethos

At Pinnacle, we pride ourselves on the quality of both our work and our communication with clients. We understand that the results come first, which is why we are dedicated to the core principles of good architecture and delivering them for our clients time and time again.


Contrast is key to each of our designs, to showcase and juxtapose all of the key elements. Materials, colour, and texture are all balanced against each other to create fluid and intelligently designed buildings that stand the test of time.


In an urban environment like London, it’s impossible to create buildings that don’t interact with their context. Proportion is a key aspect of helping the exterior settle into its surroundings and ensuring that interior spaces fulfil their function without wasting space or underestimated how much is needed to create a comfortable area.


Good design is quiet; subtlety still has an impact, but does so without ostentatiousness. Quality materials, good proportion, and form that follows function all work together to make a building great without the need to exaggerate features.


Aesthetics are at the heart of every design that we create and build. Every one of these elements is used to build up a coherent aesthetic both in the interior and exterior of every building.


Quality materials are integral to every build, both to maintain the aesthetics and the integrity of the build so that it’s easy to maintain and ages well. Whether you want to reflect the local vernacular or stand out from the crowd, our architectural designers use the materials that will meet your requirements.


Form must follow function in a usable environment. Each and every building we create is built around the end purpose and how people are going to interact with the building.