London Architecture and Planning Permission

Pinnacle is a London-based firm, with a solid grounding in the architectural requirements of the capital and the surrounding areas. Rather than working across the UK, we prefer to specialise on key areas where we have extensive experience and a proven track record of delivering successful architectural and building projects that are completed both on time and on budget.

We’re well versed in all of the requirements in London, from building new homes according to the latest standards to restoring and preserving the capital’s historical buildings for another generation to enjoy.

London is known for blending tradition with innovation, and that reputation is reinforced by the architecture throughout the city, where new skyscrapers and apartment blocks stand side by side with the Tower of London and Houses of Parliament. All architectural projects need to consider that context, and exactly where they lie in that spectrum.

Architectural Projects in London

Please see our portfolio to look through a range of our architectural projects in London. We have worked on residential builds, mixed use developments, housing developments, and commercial projects including hotels, community spaces, and offices.

Our teams of experts have the knowledge and experience to take on your project from start to finish – this approach takes out a lot of the stress and eliminates unnecessary delays as we already have established lines of communication and processes for dealing with every aspect of the build.

Planning Permission in London

Planning permission in London is dealt with by the individual boroughs. Each one has different standards and requirements for new builds and what they will allow within that community. That’s why it’s essential that you work with an architectural firm that know London well, and understand the requirements of every area as well as London as a whole.

Planning consent is full of potential pitfalls and causes for delay; we work with you and the planning officer to minimise these frustrations and ensure that you can continue with your building project as soon as possible.