Hertfordshire Architecture and Planning Permission

We take a holistic approach to architecture, with teams of experienced professionals ready to take your architectural project from design through to build and interior design. Hertfordshire’s varied buildings and history need a sensitive approach to ensure that we deliver what each client wants while working in line with the area’s vernacular and general aesthetic.

Domestic building projects are particularly popular in Hertfordshire, where people prefer to improve their home rather than moving. Whether you are a professional dealing with numerous building projects or a homeowner working on their first home extension, we provide all of the information and support you need to be completely confident in the build.

Architectural Designers in Hertfordshire

Our architectural ethos ensures that we consider the building, materials, context, and every detail of the build so that every client has a beautiful, functional building. The rural settings in Hertfordshire mean that there is a lot of flexibility for design and the potential for far larger developments than in London.  Let us know exactly how much space you have and what you would like to achieve in that area, and we will create the perfect plans for your build.

Planning Permission in Hertfordshire

There are a number of local councils in Hertfordshire that deal with planning permission applications. As part of this process, it’s essential that you know whether your building is listed or in a conservation area, as the requirements for these applications are very different to a standard application. Our designers will research your building and ensure that your planning application has the best chance of success to progress the build quickly.

If you have already applied and had your planning application rejected, we can also help you appeal or adjust the application to improve your chances of success.