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Getting Planning Permission in the Green Belt

March 31, 2017 1:31 pm Published by

Great Britain is broken up into different types of land, including brown belt and green belt. The changes of being able to build – and restrictions placed if you managed to gain planning permission – differ based on the type of land you’re building on, the location, and of course the type of building you would like to create. Many house builders, particularly residential self-builders, like the idea of building a house out in the middle of the countryside but this is often unrealistic. While planning restrictions are one issue, there is also the issue of getting utilities out to the house – if there has never been a property on your land (and there are no properties nearby) you...

Do I Need Planning Permission to Build a Treehouse?

February 20, 2017 1:29 pm Published by

Families up and down the country are both surprised and angry to find that their local planning office can ask them to take down their treehouse or even their child’s playhouse. A series of little-known changes to planning permission brought in almost 10 years ago made it easier to make some changes to homes, but made it more difficult to build structures that might have an impact on your neighbours’ privacy – this includes treehouses or structures above a certain height which might therefore overlook the garden or offer a line of sight into your neighbour’s property that wasn’t previously available. Treehouses and All Raised Platforms Need Planning Permission All treehouses now need full planning permission – including treehouses and...