Urban Living Spaces

Residential building in urban spaces presents unique challenges – especially in London where space is at a particular premium and homes are often converted from other buildings rather than from the ground up.

Small Plot Building

Small plot building demands skill and innovation to create a liveable space within the constraints presented by the environment. Our team helps with every aspect of this, from gaining planning permission and party wall agreements with neighbours, through to the final build and inspections.

Our team have extensive experience working across London and have an excellent understanding of the local authority processes and how to minimise disruption to your new neighbours.

Converting Industrial Buildings

A large proportion of the industrial buildings in London are period builds, which come with their own set of unique challenges – from the materials, to the inevitable deterioration over time.

Pinnacle’s team has the perfect blend of skills to create the existing building with respect and the sensitivity it requires, while creating a modern home within it.

Residential Apartments

People who prefer to live in urban environments often want more than a simple apartment complex – that’s why we work on so many exciting projects that blend live/work spaces, combine commercial units with residential apartments, and create diverse communities within their walls.

Our past projects include innovative urban living environments that include state of the art gyms, penthouses, open plan living units, and their own shops to create small towns within apartment blocks and cater to the needs of residents. Our plans let residents make the most of the space in the apartments without compromising on utility, natural light, or privacy.

Speak to our team about creating a dynamic living space in the city for yourself or as part of a larger development. We have the team and the expertise to take you from the planning stage straight through to completion without having to compromise on the initial vision.