Build Your Own Home

Self-building is a dream for an increasing number of Britons who want larger rooms, more freedom, and smaller mortgages. A series of new laws have been introduced to make this even more accessible, but finding the right builder for the project can be extremely daunting and the ultimate success of your self-build project relies on finding quality tradesmen.

Complete Self-Build Support

We have the teams and expertise to provide as little or as much support as you need. If you prefer a ‘hands on’ approach, we can simply provide the builders needed to complete your home as you project manage or even take on some of the building work yourself.  If you prefer to leave it to the experts, we have experienced designers,  skilled tradesmen, project managers, and interior designers who can turn your dream into a reality.

When you get in touch, let us know your plans and the approach you would prefer to take so that we can take the stress out of your build.

Building Pre-Fabricated Houses

Building a kit house is often the simpler (and cheaper) way to build your own home. While there are sacrifices when it comes to customisation, you can easily plan your budget and know exactly what the end product will look like. Our builders are available to work with the manufacturer to put together your new pre-fabricated home.

Unique Self Build Projects

The biggest draw of self-building is getting exactly what you want, exactly how you want it. That’s why we recommend working with our designers and builders, from beginning to end, so that we can work with you to design and create the ultimate home. Every aspect of your home will be bespoke to your requirements, with unusual features, ergonomic designs, and flowing layouts based around your lifestyle and your family’s preferences.

Get in touch now to discuss your dream home and how we can build it.