London Loft Conversion Planning

All of the 33 London Boroughs deal with planning permission individually, and your restrictions as well as the likelihood of gaining planning permission for your build depend on your area, the policies in the individual Borough, your building type, and the type of loft conversion you’re planning to build.

If you live close to a boundary, it can be difficult to find the right authority to send your application to. In these cases, it can be helpful to look at the London Development Database or get in touch with our team who can handle the planning application process for you.

Building a Permitted Development

Many London loft conversions can be carried out as permitted developments, especially if you’re planning to build a Velux loft conversion with very few exterior changes. However, if your loft conversion makes a significant change to the exterior of the building or you live in a conservation area, you will need to apply for planning consent and may even find that you are restricted in the types of loft conversion you can build and materials you can use.

Planning Consent

While local authorities are under pressure to return planning decisions within 8 weeks, this process can be drawn out because they are unlikely to negotiate so a refusal means you need to go back to the beginning of the process. Working with our experienced architectural designers ensures that you have the best chance of gaining consent and moving forwards with your build rather than getting stuck on the planning stage as so many building projects do.

We have excellent knowledge of each London Borough, individual policies, and existing building projects – drawing on this knowledge means that we present excellent cases for approval for even the most unusual builds.

Government Schemes

Government schemes often make it easier to gain planning consent for loft conversions or even remove the need for it. Our experts stay on top of current information to give you the best advice regarding your loft conversion and the fastest way to build the space you want.