Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are increasingly popular in London, where the cost of buying and moving to the new home is increasing almost monthly. Adding another storey to your home with a loft conversion is an excellent way to increase your living space by up to 30% without the upheaval or cost of moving to another home. In some instances, building a loft conversion can actually be cheaper than paying stamp duty, solicitor fees, removal fees, and the other hidden costs of moving house.

Planning Permission in London

In some instances, you may not require planning approval for your loft conversion. This depends on your borough, building type, your neighbourhood, and whether or not your home has already had permitted developments added to the initial design.

If you do require permission, our architectural consultants will guide you through the process to ensure that you have the best chance of success. In some instances, you may be restricted in the type of loft conversion you can successfully apply for – our experienced experts will ensure that you have the best advice before submitting your application to move the project along as quickly as possible.

The Building Process

The average loft conversion takes 6-8 weeks to complete, with additional time required for particularly complex builds or unusual loft conversion types such as double Mansard conversions. In this time, our builders would reinforce the existing structure to support your new loft conversion, increase your insulation, create a floor and partition walls, install plumbing and electrics, add windows or dormers to your roof, and install access as well as joining the loft conversion to the rest of your home. The majority of the build can be completed without needing access to the rest of your house, but builders will need access after the break through date to be able to install the staircase.

Loft Conversion Interiors

The usual shape and roof pitch can make it difficult to furnish and decorate loft conversions. We have a team of designers available to take your loft conversion project to the next step and create a functional space that’s decorated in line with your tastes.