Kitchen Extensions

While extensions can be used to add any room onto your home, kitchen extensions are increasingly popular since the natural layout of homes usually adds a kitchen onto the back or side. A lot of 1940s and 1950s homes throughout London have particularly small kitchens, so extending into a light and airy kitchen/diner can have a huge impact on the home and how your family uses it.

A well-planned extension creates a beautiful, inviting space for dining and entertaining. Additions such as full-length windows, bi-fold doors, and sky lights help to blur the definitions between inside and outside and create a modern, multifunctional space that help you make the most of your home and the garden outside.

Designing a Practical Kitchen

To begin the process, we arrange a consultation with our architectural designers to plan the extension and how it will work within your existing home – in some instances, we may need to remove chimney breasts or rearrange stairs to make the design work.

During this initial process, you need to consider your lifestyle and how you would like to use the new kitchen. If you want a dining space as well as food preparation, it’s important to factor that into the design. It’s often a good idea to add a small utility room or larder to the design so remove clutter and processes that aren’t strictly related to mealtimes.

Design, Build, and Installation

Dealing with a single company for the entire process takes the stress out of building your kitchen extension and ensures that the project is finished as quickly as possible. Every extension we build is unique and designed according to every clients’ needs and the current design of their home. We work around what you want and how you plan to use the space to create you can really call your own.

If you would like to build an eco-friendly extension or use eco-friendly building materials, let us know! We work on a huge variety of builds and can help you improve the eco-credentials for your home as part of the building project.