Architectural Restoration of Period and Listed Buildings

London’s rich architectural history means there are a lot of period and listed buildings spread throughout the capital that require attention and sensitive restoration to make them inhabitable. Every period building presents a unique challenge; Pinnacle’s design and build teams place huge importance on retaining the personality and details of every individual building.

Our teams have worked on a range of restoration projects throughout London and the South East to bring cherished buildings back to their former glory.

Different Types of Architectural Restoration

Our approach depends on the desired end product and how the client would like to use the restored building.

Rehabilitation involves placing high importance on retaining the historic fabric of the building through conservation, maintenance, and repair. This allows more flexibility than pure preservation as some parts of the building may need extensive repairs.

Restoration leaves materials as untouched as possible, with reconstruction to replace parts that are missing or deteriorated beyond repair. This work is historically accurate to the time period and using similar (if not identical) materials to make repairs or additions to the building.

Reconstruction is often required for buildings in a particularly poor state of repair. This allows re-creation of the missing building elements using new materials that are appropriate to the build.

Blending Restoration with Modern Design

Previously, most restoration work involved creating historically accurate buildings that reflect what the building would have looked like just after the initial build. However, many clients now choose to have modern additions or interiors as part of the restoration, treating the old building with the sensitivity it requires and making repairs to it, but not adding or changing parts that are completely lost. This provides an interesting contrast and often makes the building lower maintenance than a strict rehabilitation or restoration.

Gaining Permission for Listed Buildings

Listed building consent is different to planning permission and has a much more intensive application process. Unlike planning permission, it is a criminal offence to carry out work that requires permission on listed buildings without first gaining consent.

In some cases, buildings may have a Listed Building Consent Order which means that owners do not need to submit repeated applications for works covered by the order. Whether or not you have an order in place, Pinnacle’s team is available to put together plans and handle the process of gaining consent before building work to ensure that you have all of the necessary permissions in place.