Project Management

Good project management is the key to ensuring the a building project is completed on time and on budget. Pinnacle’s range of services make project management and building run even smoother, as the entire build can be managed through a single company with established processes and communication methods.

Our project managers offer advice throughout the build to keep it on track and deal with any issues that may come up (such as unexpected discoveries while digging foundations, etc). Having an experienced team on board means that you can foresee and overcome issues without interrupting the build.

Self-Build Project Management

Self-builders often prefer to project manage themselves to save money. Unfortunately, this is often a false economy, since the management is a full-time job in itself and without experience; it is difficult to navigate the routine issues and possible pitfalls that occur during a building project.

Project managers are an essential part of a building project, especially if there is a tight budget with very little flexibility. Our managers protect your interests and apply their vast experience to every build so you benefit from decades of knowledge gained from dozens of similar projects. While organisational skills are essential, the technical knowledge of how a build should progress is what means that a project manager isn’t just a coordinator.

Commercial Building Project Management

Pinnacle’s project managers are experienced in all construction matters and modern management methods. They work with your contact from the beginning to completion of the build and can agree levels of communication; some clients prefer weekly progress updates, whereas others would like to be notified at particular milestones or if a decision needs to be made. As always, our team will work around your requirements and preferences to deliver a service that’s perfectly suited to your needs.