Planning Permission & Approvals

Gaining planning permission and approvals is an essential step in any architecture project. Missing a small detail or submitting an inappropriate plan can be incredibly costly both in terms of time and money. That’s why it’s essential that you get it right first time and submit fully researched and suitable plans straight away.

We have extensive experience throughout London and Hertfordshire, with an in-depth understanding of the planning requirements and strategies for each London borough. This means that your requests have the best possible chance of approval, so you can build the project you want quickly.

Planning officers are under pressure to respond to requests within 8 weeks, which means that you will often hear back sooner than expected. However, the pressure to meet deadlines also means that officers are less likely to negotiate or seek clarification on a proposal. Working with an experienced company gives you the best chance of gaining permission within 8 weeks without the need to resubmit or begin the process again.

Getting Planning Permission for House Building & Renovation

We work with private and commercial clients to gain planning approval for anything from a single self-build to entire residential estates.

Local planning authorities look at:

  • The number, size, layout, and external appearance of your proposal
  • Infrastructure
  • Landscaping requirements
  • Development usage
  • How the development would affect the surrounding area

Any of these items are cause for planning permission to be rejected. Working with an experienced, RIBA-accredited firm ensures that your project has the best chance of proceeding without having to compromise.

Planning Permission for Extensions

We also help people improve or update their existing homes. In some instances (such as Velux loft conversions), these can be built as Permitted Developments without the need for planning permission. However, any projects that involve extensive changes to the exterior of your home would need planning approval before proceeding.

In some cases, you may be able to build a single-storey extension without the need for planning permission. The rules state that rear extensions need to be no more than 4m in depth and side extensions have to be less than half the width of the original building. Speak to us to see whether or not you need to submit for approval.

Retrospective Planning Permission

We strongly advise against going ahead with a project and then applying for planning permission, as there is always a risk that it will be denied which can be incredibly costly. Applicants only have one opportunity to gain retrospective planning permission.

If you have bought a home with a development that wasn’t submitted to the planning office, we can help you submit for permission or even make an appeal against an enforcement notice.

Planning Permission Refused?

If you’ve been refused, you must receive written reasons from your local authority. Pinnacle will evaluate your application and the reasons to make minor changes and resubmit an application. Alternatively, we can help you appeal the decision if we find that it’s unreasonable and similar developments have been built in the area.

Appeals generally take several months to decide so it is often better to resubmit the application within a 12 month window. If you have received a refusal, get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can help you move forward with your build.