Engineering and Structural Design

Pinnacle’s architectural work is complemented by our structural design, which takes the materials and aesthetics from the architectural plans and turns them into safe, stable structures. We can work with external architects on established plans, or with our own in-house architectural team.

While most structures are structurally simple enough to have this aspect led by the architecture, more innovative builds and unusual structures need to take strength from the form so the head engineer on the project will have a profound impact on the aesthetic and final result.

Structural Engineering and Safety

Buildings are subjected to a lot of external forces that they need to withstand over decades. Façade engineering, fire engineering, roof engineering, and wind engineering are all necessary parts of building large structures, especially within an urban environment where failures have a huge impact on a lot of people.

Façade Engineering

The façade of a building is arguably its most impressive aesthetic feature, and often one of the most expensive and highest risk elements of it. They have a greater risk of failure than the rest of the building and need to adapt to the changing environment around it. That’s why it’s so important to have the right structural and façade engineers working on your project to protect your company and the people around your building.

Fire Engineering

Preventing and mitigating the effects of fires undoubtedly saves lives, as well as protecting the structure of the building against irreparable damage. All architecture needs to balance aesthetic desires against safety and potential worst-case scenarios, with fire being one of the most likely to be tested.

Pinnacle’s fire engineers complete fire protection analysis, plan protection management, consider fire dynamics, and add both active and passive systems to each build to ensure that it’s as safe as possible.