Building Regulation Approvals

Building Regulations have 14 technical sections and additional regulations where basic requirements must be met in order to have approval for the structure and overall building work. These are:

  • Structural Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Resistance to contaminants and moisture
  • Toxic substances
  • Resistance to sound
  • Ventilation
  • Sanitation, hot water safety, and water efficiency
  • Drainage and waste disposal
  • Heat producing appliances
  • Protection from falling
  • Conservation of fuel and power
  • Access to and use of buildings
  • Electrical safety
  • Security: dwellings
  • Workmanship and materials

Inspections can be carried out by the Local Authority or an Approved Inspector, and will be carried out throughout the building work to ensure compliance with regulations and legislation.

Structural Safety

Structural safety assessments focus on loading, ground movement, and disproportionate collapse to ensure that the building is safe in all likely conditions. This means that walls must form robust, 3-dimensional box structures and the maximum size of all cells is in accordance with the guidance for each type of construction. Internal and external walls must also be connected, with intermediate floors and the roof being interconnected with the walls to withstand wind forces.

Fire Safety

The type of inspection for fire safety depends on whether or not the building is a dwelling. However, in both cases the building will be inspected to check meanings of warning and escape, internal fire spread, external fire spread, and access for the fire service.

Building Materials

The materials section of the building regulation documentation covers both materials and workmanship, and requires that materials used are appropriate for the circumstances, adequately prepared, and properly applied.

Building Regulations are a minimum standard that buildings need to reach to be considered safe and usable. As such, Pinnacle’s projects always meet and exceed the requirements set out as we strive for excellence in every aspect of your project.