Accessible Building Design

Buildings offering services to the general public, including public buildings, governmental buildings, office buildings, and health facilities, need to offer access for the disabled. Unfortunately, these aspects of the design are often looked at as a final addition rather than being integrated into the overall design and planning from the beginning.

Pinnacle’s design team understands the importance of well-integrated, consistent access and emergency egress for disabled visitors. These provisions need to go beyond manoeuvrable spaces and ramps/lifts to include usable doors, fire escapes, and facilities that other visitors of the building can expect to use (such as tables, internet connections, and intercoms).

Making Existing Buildings Accessible

Many buildings in London pre-date the legislation that requires disabled access to public buildings. In most cases, accessibility can be added to the existing building without much disruption or extensive changes to the interior or exterior. Historic buildings may require more innovative approaches to ensure that access is granted without causing conflict with the building’s character or preservation requirements.

Designing Accessible Housing and Buildings

Landlords and managers are required to provide auxiliary aids and services for disabled tenants, as well as following guidelines to provide sufficient space for access and use of the area. This includes recommendations on sufficient wardrobe size, room for adding rails within the interior of the building, and changing the positioning of taps, door handles, and door entry systems.

The type of disability affects the exact adjustments that need to be made or considered when designing an accessible building. We can work with owners on an existing building to make adjustments or design new buildings with enhanced accessibility in mind. Please speak to the accessibility and design experts at Pinnacle to find out how you can meet your obligations without compromising on design or quality in the process.