What are the Different Types of House Extensions?

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If you’d like to create more space in your home, a quality house extension is an excellent way of expanding without making significant changes to your interior. When you plan a house extension, it’s important to know what type you want to help you budget and brief your architectural designer.

There are a number of different house extension types, typically focused on where they’re built on the house. These include:

  • Rear house extensions – extensions built out into the back garden
  • Side house extensions – extensions built to the side of the house
  • Single-storey house extensions – extensions that only have a single level, such as standard kitchen extensions
  • Multi-storey house extensions – extensions that add space to multiple levels within the house
  • Garage extensions – extensions that do not build additional external walls and simply refurbish and repurpose your existing garage

The right house extension for you depends largely on the space you have available, how much additional space you would like to create, and the layout of your home. For example, if you use your garden a lot and have a vacant area to the side of your house, a side extension may be a better option for you than a rear extension. If you would like to create a larger open-plan kitchen, but also want to add an en-suite onto your first floor, you should probably consider a multi-storey house extension.

Single-storey rear extensions are typically the most popular, particularly since more and more people want spacious, open-plan kitchen and dining areas. Many of our clients choose to have features such as skylights and bi-fold doors to make the most of the natural light available and to blur the line between interior and exterior in summer when they can open all the doors and have inside/outside BBQs and garden parties.

If you would like to create more space in your home, get in touch. We can assess your home and provide knowledgeable advice and guidance.

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This post was written by Laura Avery