How to Profit From Your Large Garden

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Space is at a premium throughout the UK, and nowhere is that more true than in and around London, where land and house prices are significantly higher than in the UK. If you would like to make an additional income or would like to increase your earnings this year, you can profit by selling a large garden for development. We have helped clients sell of their gardens or even self build for either a family move or to rent/sell the new building.

Selling Land in Your Garden

Selling your garden rather than building in it yourself is typically less time consuming and requires less investment than building, however the returns are often lower as well. If you would like to sell off part of your garden, we strongly recommend applying for at least outline planning permission before putting the land on the market – it will dramatically increase your price and improve your chances of selling since buyers will be more confident in being able to use the land without delay. Detailed planning permission is often unnecessary and can be a deterrent, since there is less scope to change the plans and ‘fill in the blanks’ once the land is bought.

Building in Your Garden

If you prefer to build, working on your own back garden offers a range of benefits. You can keep an eye on progress, ensure security, and don’t have the initial expense of having to buy land (which can be up to or even over half the price of a build). You also have greater control over privacy and access in both buildings, ensuring that you are totally happy with the final build and how it interacts with your original house.

Domestic gardens typically fall outside the definition of previously developed/brownfield sites, but your local authority may have additional guidance or supplementary planning documents regarding garden developments. To find out more, you can contact your local planning office or an architectural designer with experience in the area. It is important that plans are in-keeping with the local character and are not seen to be causing harm to the area, but we enjoy a high degree of success with these types of applications and developments.

If you are interested in either selling your garden with planning permission or developing the land yourself, get in touch. Our people are happy to answer all of your questions and propose solutions to your biggest challenges.

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