Self Build Architecture: Designing Your Dream

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Every year over 10,000 people build their own home in the UK. These pioneers often have a fixed idea of what they would like, but can’t find the perfect home on the market. Self building has a huge number of benefits – from saving money on your home, through to getting a bespoke living space where every socket and every window placement has been decided by you. However, these come at the cost of stress and hard work for self builders.

We’re here to help. Pinnacle Architecture have worked on dozens of residential builds, both by professional developers and first-time self builders who need guidance to bring their vision to reality.

Choosing an Architectural Designer for Your Self Build

Choosing the right architectural designer for your self build project is essential to its success and your comfort with the process. It’s important to find a firm whose approach and personality works with yours to ensure that you’re happy with both the final results and how the process develops.

Working with an architectural designer rather than package-builder gives you much greater flexibility over the final look and feel of your home. You can start with a blank slate or with a basic design that we can tweak or discuss to make sure that it fits your needs.

When looking at possible architectural designers, make sure to:

  • Look through their portfolio and ensure that they have experience building the type of home you would like
  • Speak to them to find out more about their processes and experience
  • Discuss pricing options and available packages – many architectural designers will have self build packages available, depending on whether you just want preliminary plans or a full design and planning package
  • Ask about their successes in both initial planning applications and appealing planning decisions
  • Decide whether you would be happy working with them for months or even years to build your perfect home

If you would like to discuss a self build project, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team would be delighted to hear about your goals and discuss how we can help you reach them.

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